The Real Politics of the Middle East

Real Politics of the Middle East

Nearly a half-century full of hatred and murder has passed and continues to this day. The Middle East is the most volatile place on the globe, despite numerous, ranging attempts to attain a sense of calm. The governments of the region are certainly not exempt from being, if not the main, sources of the constant conflict.

More prevalent of a feud has been the comparatively recent one between the Jews and the Arabs that claim to be illegally occupied by the descendants of Israel. Peace processes have highlighted the last decade and a half to try to have varying issues resolved. Despite agreements made with supervision of foreign dignitaries, certain stipulations that were key in the peace agreement were not upheld by one side, even though the people yearned for accordance. The side that did not stick to its part of the deal represents the Arabs living in the highly disputed land. The Palestinian Authority government exploits its citizens’ devotion to religion by directing their beliefs toward hatred of the worlds’ Jewish population and into a political goal to eradicate the State of Israel.


The PLO, A Terrorist Group

It is important to note that the Palestinian Authority is a working government. It was formed out of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a terrorist group that used murder of innocent civilians to reach a political goal. The citizens that will be referred to are citizens of the Palestinian Authority and not that of Israel. Any treatment of such citizens is in control of the Palestinian government, as they are the responsibility of it. The few Arabs living in the Palestine Mandate of Britain that did not pay heed to the recommendations of surrounding Arab nations to flee their homes in 1947 and 1948 to remove themselves from the path of an offensive war against the new State of Israel did become full Israeli citizens with complete rights as such. Their children and descendants to this day still hold full citizenship and enjoy equal rights to those of any other Israeli. The Arabs of the Palestine Mandate who fled, as they were promised their homes would remain when the Arab nations that attacked Israel won, are not Israeli citizens. Their descendants have the opportunity to become citizens of the Palestinian Authority, and many have taken advantage of this chance.

The Delusional Palestinian Authority

Historians of the Palestinian Authority make claims that Jerusalem and Israel as a whole rightfully belong to Arab Muslims and no one else. This is done in many fashions, but is well exemplified by an educational television production on PA-TV. The main points of the program all summed up to the conclusion that “Israel’s Biblical history is Arab Muslim history,” (Hutchens, 5) not that of the Jews. The head of the Palestinian Authority public library, Dr. Jarir Al-Qidwa, and the former head of the PA University’s history department, Dr. Issam Sissalem were the key presenters on the show. Both children and adults who have viewed this program are presented a distorted timeline and genealogy. They are lead to believe that Palestinian Arabs are the true Israelites and have the full, sole right to the land in which they reside. It produces minds that cannot comprehend historical facts and the entitlement of others to self-determination.

Like it or Not, We Have the Same G-d

The television in the Palestinian Authority controlled areas is also controlled by the government, so much so that they even have their own channel called Palestinian Authority Television (PA-TV, for short). A production presented on the channel that represents the mind set of top Palestinian decision makers featured Dr. Ismaail Radwaan, who proclaimed, “Oh Muslims, prepare yourselves for the struggle with world Jewry so that your’s will be the winning side. As though Allah’s wisdom clarifies that the winning side in the struggle with Jews will be the Muslims.” (“Islam’s War with World Jewry”) Palestinian citizens are encouraged to fight against the Jewish population, as their god has empowered them with the ability to conquer and eliminate each and every “Yeud” (Jew, in Arabic) that exists across the globe. It shows them that it is not a fight for land, but a fight about religion, as to make their god greater. For example, “Allah Akbar” literally translates into “our god is greater.”

Obviously Not a Peaceful Religion

Each Friday, the Muslim holy day of the week, a sermon is broadcast on the Palestinian Authority Television network. Sheikh Ibrahim Mudayris has frequented the position of sermon deliverer. Nearly each one has called for the destruction of Israel, which he also commonly predicts will indeed soon be destroyed. In spring of 2005, he gave a speech not unusual to any other, stating that, “The Hour [Resurrection] will not come until the Muslims make war against the Jews and kill them” (“Untitled Weekly Islamic Sermon”). Any partially devout Muslim who hears this will believe that the Sheikh has done thorough research into the subject. Clearly incitement speech, those who follow the ways of Islam, those who yearn for the resurrection of their messiah, will feel it their duty to take upon themselves the massacre of any Jews they come across. Unfortunately, the news has shown this played out many times, but does not keep record of the almost countless failed attempts, for it is the successfully carried out plans that make headlines.

Hatred and Violence Taught in Palestinian Authority Schools

A personal interview conducted with a graduate of Palestinian Authority schools, Morav Mamoud, exposes the indoctrinated hate of this educational system. Although standard school subjects are studied, each is twisted to present its own anti-Israel view. Mr. Mamoud had on hand a history book of his cousins,’ which reads as follows, “Asthma, Abu Bakr’s daughter, was my age when she played a role in supplying provisions and water and passing information about Kuraish [Tribe] to the Prophet and his companion during their secret Hegira [emigration] from Mecca to Medina. What role can I play in order to support the national resistance movement against the occupier and colonialist?” (History of Arabs and Muslims, 34) Although Mr. Mamoud has received his higher education in the United States and since been de-programmed of all hateful propaganda, he realizes that his peers back home are still continuously brainwashed to believe that the only way to realize their self-determination is by the elimination of another people, despite a similar genealogical line shared with the Jews.

Funds Misused by the Palestinian Authority

Each year, millions of dollars are given to the Palestinian Authority to be used for schools, infrastructure, healthcare, and summer camps that are supposed to be filled with friends and fun. Nearly all of this money is misused, but indeed some is set aside for the camps. However, they are not your typical youth retreat. The main activities include obstacle courses featuring a hoop of fire the children must jump through and many other para-military training courses. Bardia Mohammed, a former attendee of one of these camps, remembers seeing, “the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock, covered with human body parts and blood,” (Interview with Bardia Mohammed) alongside these courses. The children, both boys and girls, are conditioned to think that the only way to attain the stated goal of an independent Palestinian state is via violence, not communication and negotiation. These kids are given toy guns as infants, but real receive real fire weapons at the young age of ten.

LGBTQ Not Accepted in Islam

A key concern in nearly every Near Eastern country is that of human rights, especially the rights of gay and lesbian citizens. Those who are gay are usually either jailed, prosecuted, or even murdered for their sexual preference. Homosexuality may be legal in the Palestinian Authority controlled government, but gays and lesbians do not have any protection from discrimination, hate crimes, or honor killings. It is condemned within the Koran, hence the policy is unforgiving to these people who are trying to live their lives in content of a manner as possible. As honor killings are not outlawed, there even come instances where a person will be publicly hung for the sexually immoral behavior, though rare. Palestinian Authority officials are typically found condemning Israel’s stance on homosexuality, as it does not follow the basic ways shared by their faiths. Hence, many gays will, instead of facing personal danger, flee the Palestinian Authority controlled area for Israel to obtain the freedom to be who they truly are, while others spit on Israel for going against religion.

Palestinian Authority Denies the Holocaust Ever Occurred

A primary concern amongst the world Jewry during the elections for the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority was that one of the strongest candidates for the office had written his dissertation denying the Holocaust had ever occurred. This candidate was Mahmoud Abbas, who did indeed continue on to win the race for the office which he now holds. He makes erroneous claims in his doctoral thesis, all of which are blatantly anti-Semitic and purely hateful. An excerpt from his writing exhibits this well, “A partnership was established between Hitler’s Nazis and the leadership of the Zionist movement…[The Zionists gave] permission to every racist in the world, led by Hitler and the Nazis, to treat Jews as they wish, so long as it guarantees immigration to Palestine.” (Palestinian Media Watch) A leader such as this, although claiming to the international media that he wants peace with Israel, cannot be acceptable in the political arena, for his entire educational outlook is founded upon the belief that the Jews are inherently evil and not to be reasoned with in any manner. This viewpoint has a highly detrimental effect to the people Abbas is treasured by as not only a political leader, but a national leader, for they will, too, involve themselves in the acceptance of fallacy versus reality.

Israel Wants Peace, but Not the Palestinian Authority

Israel has made multiple attempts towards establishing a treaty with the various terrorist organizations that reside within its borders, including those controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

Hamas, the religious Muslim terror organization operating out of the Gaza strip, is set to run in the upcoming Palestinian Authority elections as a valid political party. The purpose of its existence is not only to eliminate the internationally recognized State of Israel, but the world’s Jewish population as well, an idea that is frightfully becoming more common place in modern times. Especially in Gaza, Hamas has tremendous influence over the people. Since Arafat’s government did not provide the basic necessities for which he was funded to do, Hamas has taken over the humanitarian position for many Gaza residents. This allows them the opportunity to spew their hatred for their neighbors and insist that the Jews gave up their right to the land, as they deviated from the original laws G-D gave them to follow.

Islamic Fundamentalism

Islamic fundamentalism, a return to fundamental principles of Islam by rigid adherence to those principles, and intolerance of other views and opposition to secularism, is on a steady rise in the Middle East, especially in the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority. It is this government that influences its people to engage in detesting of the Jews and their attempt at a secure state in the land of Israel. Homicide/Suicide bombings have steadily risen in number since the establishment of a government in the Shomron (Northern West Bank), Yehuda (Southern West Bank), and the Gaza Strip. Kassam missiles have been shot into family homes throughout Israeli towns and settlements, in addition to being regularly stoned not only by Palestinian Arab citizens, but by members of organizations such as “Peace Now” and the “International Solidarity Movement,” who fall victim to the misrepresentation of reality in Israel and the Palestinian Authority controlled areas by the Palestinian government, who bases much of their portrayal of the Jews on purely religious ideals.

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