Crazy Dancing Jews Block Traffic

With the Joy of Life as their goal, a subgroup of the Breslov Chassidic Orthodox
movement drives around cities in their happy van. Of course, while they attempt
to bring happiness to all that they come across, they also piss off a lot of Israeli
drivers on the road.

Stopping in the middle of the street, blasting a trance remix of the chant “Na,
Nach, Nachem, Nachman M’Uman” to the tune of “Numa Numa.” They drag
anyone they can off the sidewalk or out of their car to dance with them in a
circular folk dance fashion … blocking traffic during some of the busiest and
most inconvenient time. You’ll also see countless cars, buildings, signs, and
more plastered with a few signature bumper stickers – whether by choice of the
owners or not.

To read more about this group, check out this link. More importantly, check out
these videos and pics below of them in action!