Learn, by demonstration, the best way to clean your hands after using the work restroom.

Welcome to the Self-Sanitation 101. In this course, you will learn how to properly care for yourself and others by way of hygiene.

This lesson demonstrates the best way to wash your hands after using the work restroom. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen (emphasis on the gentlemen), you are supposed to wash your hands after they go places we really don’t want to think about.

Step 1: Soap

You’ll want to pump out the soap. One time is usually enough, but go for two if you feel it necessary.

Step 2: Water

It’s time to lather up the soap. Make sure the soapy water reaches all over your hands and wrists. Rinse.

Step 3: Dry

Grab a paper towel piece for the drying segment. Only take what is necessary, and try to use recycled paper always.