Jerusalem is not only a city of rich history and cultural diversity but also a place where you can find an array of grocery stores catering to different tastes and budgets. From the bustling heart of East Jerusalem to the more western parts of the city, this guide will explore some of the key grocery stores where locals shop.

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Jerusalem Grocery Stores

Baladi Supermarket – Beit Hanina

The largest grocery store in East Jerusalem, Baladi is open 24/7 and renowned for its full-service butcher, cheese/deli counter, and weigh stations for spices, nuts, and fresh candy. Though not the cheapest option for produce in the area, it’s quite reasonable compared to West Jerusalem. Baladi’s staff speaks English, Hebrew, and Arabic, and they offer delivery throughout Jerusalem. Check out their trilingual website for the latest updates.

Abu Zahra Supermarket (King Store) – Wadi Joz

A relatively small store compared to Baladi, Abu Zahra, rebranded in English as King Store, is famous for its special deals and sales. What makes this store extra special is the checkout staff, who often offer free goodies or treats to customers.

Tannour – Wadi Joz

Spread across two locations across the street from each other, Tannour includes a butcher, produce section, bakery, and supermarket. The bakery in the original location is worth a visit. Though they offer high prices for packaged goods, their occasional sales are worth taking advantage of. However, it’s wise to check expiration dates as some items might be dusty.

Jafar Supermarket – Beit Hanina

Located in a central area, Jafar supermarket provides a decent selection of foreign goods but is considered overpriced by some locals. It’s a convenient place to grab essential items. You can shop their in person or order some of their items via the app.

Shufersal – Multiple Locations

Known for good prices on Israeli items, Shufersal operates in multiple locations, including their largest Jerusalem location in Talpiyot. They offer kosher products and some good deals on clearance and special diet foods. The store provides delivery, but rarely on the same day, and the customer service is often cited as lacking. Their Hebrew-only website is fully operational and sells furniture and other items that they do not carry in stores.

Osher Ad – Multiple Locations

Osher Ad is popular among ultra-orthodox Jews and offers a large selection of bulk items and Kirkland products from Costco. Catering to the most strict level of kashrut, they offer occasional deals on appliances. However, be prepared for crowds, terrible customer service, and no online delivery options. Self-checkout is available with scanner guns, providing a quick shopping experience. Their Talpiyot branch is recommended for the non-orthodox population and has abundant parking.

Rami Levy – Multiple Locations

If you are looking for cheap prices and dried goods, Rami Levy is a popular choice. With multiple locations – including Atarot and three in Talpiyot, it offers low prices but has questionable quality in meat and produce. Customer service here is deemed so-so, and it’s advisable to check expiration dates and product quality before purchasing. The good thing is there’s always plenty of parking, and there is a functional website in Hebrew where you can order for delivery.

Machsanei Hashuk – Multiple Locations

Machsanei Hashuk is known for questionable cleanliness and inconsistent product selection. Customer service is often criticized, but basic items are available. They offer delivery via their website and Wolt, providing convenience to the customer. If you want to go in person to one of their medium-sized stores, you can find them in locations like Pisgat Zeev and French Hill.

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