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East Jerusalem Buses

There's often quite a bit of confusion around East Jerusalem buses, their routes, and their timetables, but we're here to clear that up. The top three reasons you'll want to hop...

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Jerusalem Falafel Recipe

Hands down, no other place compares to the Palestinian falafel found in the markets and street vendors of East Jerusalem. The key to the unique flavor of Jerusalem Palestinian...

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Jerusalem Hummus Recipe

As an amateur chef, I am always trying to create authentic Jerusalem-style Palestinian recipes, and who doesn't love hummus?! So, after a ton of trial and error, I want to share...

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What is Holy Falafel?!

Welcome to HolyFalafel.com, the real no-filter guide to Jerusalem that straddles the border, crosses the line, and is just a bit tongue-in-cheek. We are here to offer you an unfiltered perspective on the vibrant city of Jerusalem, showcasing its diverse cultures, rich history, and complex political landscape. Our goal is to challenge stereotypes, shed light on untold stories, and provide a fresh and alternative narrative that goes beyond the headlines.

Join us on this unconventional journey as we explore Jerusalem’s hidden gems, delve into its fascinating history, celebrate its multiculturalism, and navigate the complexities with wit and humor. Get ready for an authentic and thought-provoking experience at HolyFalafel.com.

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